API-Driven Security Integration


Our API-first approach enables you to fully integrate EdgeWatch security intelligence into your favourite tools.

Unlocking Potential, Integrative Approach

Integrations lie at the heart of Edgewatch, ensuring that diverse platforms and tools function in harmony. They eliminate the silos that often exist in fragmented tech environments, allowing for a more unified and efficient operation.

Every organization has unique needs and pre-existing systems, we aim to provide flexibility in our offerings. This ensures that our clients can effortlessly marry our solutions with their existing infrastructure, fostering innovation and ensuring that they remain agile in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Comprehensive Coverage

Integrating with external APIs ensures a wider net is cast, capturing vulnerabilities that might be missed by a single system.

Real-time Intelligence

Benefit from timely threat intelligence updates, allowing for immediate response to emerging vulnerabilities, reducing the chances of false positives, ensuring accurate detection.

Collaborative Remediation

Integrated platforms often support team collaboration features, streamlining the remediation process and facilitating effective cross-team communication.

Time Efficiency

Automated data pooling from various sources saves users from manual data extraction, leading to quicker vulnerability assessments.

Continuous Adaptability

As new threats emerge, integrated systems can easily onboard additional tools or sources, ensuring customers always have cutting-edge protection.

Risk Prioritization

By integrating with diverse threat intelligence sources, customers can prioritizing which vulnerabilities to address first based on potential impact and threat landscape.


Enhance operations with our curated integrations, designed for compatibility, efficiency, and a tailored user experience.

Acronis Cyber APP

Turbocharge your Acronis security posture for free with Edgewatch External Attack Surface Platform. Integrated seamlessly into your Acronis console, it constantly maps and reveals your digital footprint, providing an external view of your online setup. Benefit from clearer visibility, helping pinpoint unknowns, rank risks, counter threats, and expand vulnerability management beyond the boundaries.

Openprovider basic Sync

Just tap and connect your Openprovider account. From the first minute, offer fully-featured Attack Surface scans at no cost. Upsell to your resellers and domain name end-users, enhancing your cybersecurity offerings,

WHMCS Provisioning

Automate the provisioning of Edgewatch accounts and supply your clients with a whole range of tools for their External Attack Surface management at the same time. Thanks to WHMCS integration, the control over accounts, assets and domain names is fully integrated and optimized on all levels and takes place nowhere else but inside your system.

APT Sources

Enable ListedBlack APT sources and internet insight information to extend your Edgewatch accuracy and coverage, thereby enhancing threat detection, improving response capabilities, and offering a broader view of potential vulnerabilities in real-time.

Fortinet Firewall

Seamlessly integrate Fortinet’s advanced security solutions with Edgewatch. This facilitates real-time data exchange, enabling organizations to dynamically adapt to threats, optimize network performance, and ensure that security policies are consistently enforced. The robustness of Fortinet’s API ensures scalability and flexibility, allowing for custom-tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each enterprise.

Palo Alto Firewall

Seamlessly integrate Palo Alto Firewall’s advanced security features with Edgewatch. This enables real-time data synchronization, allowing organizations to swiftly respond to emerging threats, enhance network efficiency, and guarantee the uniform application of security protocols. The robustness of Palo Alto Firewall’s API provides scalability and adaptability.

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