Edgewatch Platform Features

Vulnerability & Disclosure Management

Close the Gap Between Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management.

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Edgewatch seamlessly integrates capabilities for meticulous vulnerability management. Whether vulnerabilities are unearthed by Edgewatch’s sophisticated detection mechanisms or introduced via external integrations, each is systematically catalogued. This comprehensive tool affords organizations unparalleled clarity by maintaining a detailed record of discovered vulnerabilities, ensuring each is addressed and managed in strict accordance with ISO 27001 standards and NIS2 requirements.

Each identified vulnerability is managed from its point of discovery to its conclusive resolution, ensuring a structured and systematic response. When required, our full public disclosure management service will reserve and assign your own CVE number. Edgewatch’s integral features facilitate historical tracking, collaborative workflows for remediation, and effortless integration with patch management systems. Learn more.

Precision Detection & Integration

Edgewatch’s sophisticated mechanisms detect and chase vulnerabilities, complemented by seamless assimilation of external integration data.

Lifecycle Oversight

Beyond mere identification, Edgewatch offers tools dedicated to the entire vulnerability lifecycle, from discovery to conclusive resolution and public disclosure.

ISO 27001-Compliant Management

Ensures every discovered vulnerability is catalogued, tracked and managed in strict alignment with local regulations and the standard ISO 27001 protocols.

Collaboration & Remediation

Features historical tracking, team collaboration workflows, and integrated patch management, ensuring a systematic and efficient response to each vulnerability.

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