ISO 27001 Compliance & Vulnerability Management

Achieving an ISO 27001 compliance report

In order to comply with ISO 27001, organisations must demonstrate that there are adequate controls in place to protect their data from unauthorised access, destruction, or alteration. They must also regularly review their security procedures to ensure that they remain effective.

Some of the key controls include maintaining a secure network, developing strong authentication procedures, and encrypting data. By implementing these and other ISO 27001 controls, businesses can make it much harder for hackers to gain access to sensitive information, and more quickly detect and respond to security incidents.

ISO 27001 vulnerability management requirements

Vulnerability scanning is core to ISO27001 compliance because it ensures that organisations spot and address potential risks in a timely manner.

By running thousands of checks against your systems, a vulnerability scan can help you identify weaknesses in your systems that could be exploited by attackers, and help you verify that the controls you have in place are effective at detecting and preventing attacks.