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Working together to build Cybersecurity from foundations

We’re busy keeping the Edges of the Internet safe and sound

Edgewatch is building the next industry standard in suply-chain cyber risk scoring & self-assesment. Our goal is to empower organizations to uncover and address vulnerabilities in their external attack surfaces. The Edgewatch Attack Surface Management Platform allows clients to visualize their external attack surface as a hacker would, leveraging advanced, internet-scale bot technologies akin to those used by threat actors. This innovative platform meticulously scans every digital element, from connections and links to embedded codes and DNS references, crafting a comprehensive, outside-in view of your organization’s public-facing digital presence.

Our free tier is our contribution to making web security accessible including all core features. It helps your business identify and fix vulnerabilities, improving the security aspect of your business without cost.

Our skilled security engineers take care day and night for thousands of customers assets. We understand the complexities of scaling security teams and have developed Edgewatch to assist organizations in maintaining clean and secure network attack surfaces from the outset. Our platform is not just about initial deployment; it’s about providing ongoing, adaptive security solutions that evolve with the ever-changing cyber landscape. With Edgewatch, organizations gain a strategic partner in cybersecurity, ensuring their digital footprints are secure today and resilient against tomorrow’s threats.

Guarding Your Perimeter Against Cyber Threats

Edgewatch, is a trademark of Occentus Network, represents a globally recognized private technology company. Specializing in diverse sectors including cybersecurity, industry, e-commerce, telecom, media, and public administration, Occentus Network offers an array of innovative solutions, services, and products. With over 15 years of real-world experience with refined procedures and best practices. This rich experience and international presence underscore Occentus Network’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Accessible Security

While others offer futuristic all-in-one solutions, often unaffordable for small and medium-sized businesses, our free tier changes this dynamic. By making web security accessible and including all core features at no cost, we help businesses identify and address vulnerabilities. This approach enhances your business’s security without any financial burden, demonstrating our commitment to accessible cybersecurity for all business sizes.

Accessible Support

Our open-door policy ensures clients enjoy direct, immediate access to personalized assistance. This guarantees that our solutions are meticulously tailored to each customer’s unique needs and challenges. It highlights our edge in offering dedicated, client-centric support, reinforcing our commitment to not just meet but exceed customer expectations in every interaction, ensuring optimal satisfaction and success in their endeavors.

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Your Cybersecurity Watch with Certified Expertise

Our silver membership in The Linux Foundation, coupled with high-level certifications including Top security rank in Spain’s National Security Scheme, sets us apart in cybersecurity. Our strategic approach to managing information security and cloud services ensures robust protection for our clients. With us, enterprises confidently navigate the digital world, backed by our certified and seasoned cybersecurity expertise.

Edgewatch is a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Numbering Authority

EU Funds statement

According to the Operational Guidelines for recipients of EU funding, the Edgewatch platform has been a recipient of EU funding within the framework of the Cohesion Policy and the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

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