Threat intelligence

Actionable knowledge about threats and threat actors

The overwhelming number of threat feeds available in the marketplace can cause data overload. Your analysts may waste hours processing, structuring, and tagging sub-optimal data full of false positives. To overcome this challenge, EdgeWatch offers single-procurement add-on that includes original data from threat data vendors and high value threat intelligence reports from our AI backed EdgeWatch Explorer project.

Shorten time to detection (TTD) and time to remediation (TTR) of threats and incidents with better insights. Focusing analysts’ time and attention on what matters
Address the cybersecurity skills shortage by boosting the effectiveness through a better understanding of the actors, methods, and motivations behind an attack.
Lower risk by reducing uncertainty about possible threats, your level of exposure, and the speed and effectiveness of your organization’s response.
Identify previously undetected cyberthreats by taking a proactive and dynamic approach to security operations

Integrations and API/SDK

Open and extendable integrations with any security control with pre-built integrations or powerful developer tools.

Integrate with any security control with pre-built integrations and an extensible developer software development kit (SDK) with pre-build integrations for:

  • Industry-leading threat intelligence feeds.
  • Incident response solutions
  • Security controls (e.g., SIEM, IDS/IPS, EDR).
  • SOAR (e.g., Cortex XSOAR, ServiceNow, and Splunk/Phantom).
  • Sharing and collaboration solutions (e.g., ISACs and other groups using STIX/TAXII standards and other data formats).

Driving our integrations is a REST API and an SDK for custom development with complete documentation, examples, and tools.