Edgewatch Platform Features

Threat Intelligence

Get visibility into emerging threats with direct cyber threat intelligence from the edge.

Actionable knowledge about threats and threat actors

Edgewatch’s self-sourced raw data on internet-connected devices, IP reputation, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and self-sourced raw dataIndicators of Compromise (IoC) provide a distinct advantage in enriching threat intelligence services. Our direct collection method ensures that the data is not only accurate but also offers real-time insights into the threat landscape.

EdgeWatch Explorer Data Collection, is accessible to our partners and vetted cybersecurity researchers.

Valuable insights and comprehensive data on publicly reachable devices and services across the internet. By leveraging this rich dataset, our partners and researchers can deepen their understanding of the global cybersecurity landscape, enhancing their ability to detect and respond to emerging threats and vulnerabilities effectively.

Incident Response Efficiency

Threat intelligence automates the dismissal of false positives, enriches alerts with up to date information, context, and merges internal and external data, enabling analysts to identify risks 10 times faster.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Intelligence aids in transitioning from indiscriminate patching to risk-based prioritization, identifying 22% more threats by assessing actual risk using a combination of internal and external data.

Proactive Fraud Prevention

Gathering intelligence from criminal sources enables organizations to anticipate and prevent payment fraud, compromised data, and typosquatting, saving over $1 million per potential breach.

Operational Alert Management

SOC teams use threat intelligence to quickly gather accurate threat information, filter out false alarms, and expedite triage, resolving threats 63% faster and enhancing accurate incident analysis.

Enhanced Risk Analysis

Refines risk models with quantifiable data and clear assumptions, guiding investment priorities and reducing unplanned downtime significantly by answering critical security questions with metrics and data.

Strategic Decision Support

Intelligence guides wide-scope decision-making by providing actionable insights and strategic perspectives, leading to informed choices in security resource allocation and policy development.

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The Edge of Direct Data Collections

First-hand, non-pre-processed data provides an authentic and unfiltered view of the cyber threat landscape. Edgewatch’s direct data collection methods ensure accuracy and facilitate real-time insights, enabling users to react swiftly and effectively to emerging threats. This immediacy is crucial in a digital environment where threat actors constantly evolve their tactics.

The use of raw, unaggregated data allows for a more granular analysis of cyber threats. Organizations leveraging this data can gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of each threat, tailoring their cybersecurity strategies more effectively. This detailed approach enables a more personalized and targeted response to specific cyber threats, enhancing overall security measures.

By bypassing aggregated feeds, users access the most direct information available, leading to more accurate threat assessments. This method fosters a proactive cybersecurity stance, empowering organizations to stay ahead in the constantly shifting landscape of digital threats and vulnerabilities. Self-sourced data also offers a level of detail and specificity that cannot be matched by aggregated data. It allows for a more nuanced understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities unique to an organization’s specific digital environment. This targeted intelligence is key to developing bespoke security strategies that are more effective at mitigating risks unique to each entity.

Edgewatch Explorer Datasets

Comprehensive, regularly updated information on publicly accessible devices and services. This includes detailed service configurations, running services, and protocol handshake data from global IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Our service also offers a historical view of these resources.

Edgewatch Insights Datasets

Receive data on internet-wide scans and attacks, specifically targeting background internet noise. This includes information on untargeted scans, random attacks, and general traffic patterns. Our service focuses on distinguishing real threats by filtering out non-essential noise, which is essential for minimizing false positives, identifying compromised systems, and enhancing understanding of network activities and security events.


Automatically curated dataset from Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). You can access detailed information on various vulnerabilities, including their descriptions, severity levels, and potential impacts. Additionally, it offers insights into available fixes or patches for these vulnerabilities, aiding in proactive cybersecurity measures and risk mitigation strategies.


Detailed data on internet-wide Domain Name configurations and SSL/TLS certificates. our API allows users to access historical and current DNS records and SSL/TLS certificate information, crucial for cybersecurity analysis, digital forensics, and research.

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