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Acronis Integration

Edgewatch Acronis integration allow take advantage of powerful Acronis EDR capabilities and supercharge your security posture with External scanning features.

Currently all allerts registered while you Externally registered assets will be reported to your Acronis Dashboard.


You will need an active Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud account.

Existing Edgewatch accounts can be linked during setup at the Acronis Portal, or you can create a new one if you don’t already have an account.

Steps to enable Acronis Integration:

Search for Edgewatch in your Acronis Cyber Protect Panel

Within your Acronis Cyper Protect Panel, browse to your Integration Catalog and select Edgewatch.

Add your existing Edgewatch account user name and password. If you don’t already have an Edgewatch account, this will be setup automatically.

Match your Edgewatch tenants with Acronis Tenants

Once enabled integration, current Edgewatch tenants will be populated in first Tab. To enable Acronis tenants at Edgewatch add them at second tab.

Common Issues

Q. I cannot configure or see any service at my Edgewatch Panel. I get a Message saying that i’m not linked.

A. Please Double Check your Integration is enabled and working. Remember you should enable integration from Acronis Cyber Protect Panel. Otherwise you would get a message like this:

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