Find your weaknesses,
protect your edges

EdgeWatch Attack Surface Management Platform

How it works

The magic under the hoods starts with internet-wide data collection.
We wanted zero external dependencies to be able cut down costs and make
possible offer the best in class Vulnerability assessment and threat intelligence for free.

Millions assets scanned weekly across the internet to expand your insights
IOC collected and analyzed daily from thousands of fonts
API endpoints ready to be integrated within your processes

Achieving an
compliance report

Vulnerability scanning is core to ISO 27001 compliance because it ensures that organisations spot and address potential risks in a timely manner.

By running thousands of checks against your systems, EdgeWatch vulnerability scan can help you identify weaknesses in your systems that could be exploited by attackers, and help you verify that the controls you have in place are effective at detecting and preventing attacks.

Teamwork ready
Assign and follow up tasks and issues with your team.
Up to date
Vulnerability and exploits base continuously updated to keep you up to date
Ensure compliance to regulatory requirements using our built-in compliance tools
GDPR ready
Track and measure your GDPR procedures and meet the requirements
Systems Integration
Our fully extensible API allow integrate EdgeWatch into any GRC or tracking system
PCI Compliance
Perform regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests

Hassle free service

Just tap in and add your first assets. Which can be
just a domain name or a whole CIDR plentiful of IP addresses.

It works right
out of the box

We have already scanned most of The Internet. In most cases you don’t even need to wait for the first one to finish. Come in and see what we have found.

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