AI powered Security Intelligence


Get smart insights for early response and reduce the impact of security incidents. Consolidate log events and network flow data from your devices, endpoints and applications.

Comprehensive Visibility

Gain centralized insight into logs, flow and events across on-premises, SaaS and IaaS environments and correlate related activities to prioritize incidents to accurately detect threats

Eliminate manual tasks

Centrally see all events related to a particular threat in one place to eliminate manual tracking processes and enable analysts to focus on investigation and response.

Real-time threat detection

Leverage out-of-the-box analytics that automatically analyze logs and network flows to detect threats and generate prioritized alerts as attacks progress through the kill chain.

Easily manage compliance

Comply with internal organizational policies and external regulations such as GDPR or stock regulations by leveraging pre-built reports and templates.

Common ciberattacks explained

When only few miliseconds delay can hurt your sales and ROI, security intelligence is becoming a critical part of modern warfare. An intro to web app and DDoS attacks for executives working in areas outside of technology.

Complete Security Intelligence suite

AI powered Real-time threat detection with turnkey professional surveillance services included

Ingest vast amounts of data from near any sources

Insights into on-premises and cloud-based resources and applies business context to maximize relevant threat and risk insights.

Nonintrusive comprehensive security

Detect without impacting uptime or taxing resource constrained industrial facilities to support key priorities for IT and OT. Deploy sensors wherever you like

Threat intelligence and support for STIX/TAXII

Includes threat intelligence and enables customers to integrate additional threat intelligence feeds of their choice via STIX/TAXII.

professional, vendor-backed Incident Response

The power of highly reliable detections, unlimited PCAP data and correlation from network to endpoint to enable more effective incident response workflows.

Applies built-in analytics to accurately detect threats

Analyzes network, endpoint, asset, user, vulnerability and threat data to accurately detect known and unknown threats.

Extended coverage area beyond the perimeter

Perform highly reliable threat detection and extend the coverage area of intrusion detection systems (IDS) beyond the perimeter and across your network.

Highly scalable, self-managing database

Enables customers to focus on security operations instead of system management and helps reduce the total cost of ownership.

Explore Unlimited Forensics

EDGEWATCH captures full-fidelity PCAPs, pairs them with relevant data collected from other products in your security stack, and stores it all for as long as needed.

Use cases

battle-proven technology, suitable for the most demanding fields


Deploy sensors anywhere -at the perimeter, in the DMZ, at the network core, and in remote offices- to gain visibility into even the hardest-to-detect stages of a cyberattack such as lateral movement. Integration with your existing security stack - from firewall to endpoint and everything in between - enables more effective detection-triage-response.


Secure all cloud workloads. Choose from software sensors, pre-packaged machine images or software forwarding agents to easily fill the visibility gaps that legacy products can’t address. Scale your business using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or any other IaaS. Or use any modern virtualization vendor such as VMWare, Xen Server, XCP-ng, KVM. All without compromise.


Deploy sensors on any industrial network regardless of how remote or inaccessible the location. The EDGEWATCH can identify and remediate threats in Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing and other critical infrastructure environments.

Some of the companies already protected by EDGEWATCH