Attack surface monitoring

Find out what you have exposed to the internet, and restrict anything that doesn’t need to be there. With our Attack Surface Monitoring your organization will get notified whenever information has been found that can be used by malicious attackers to attack either your employees, partners or customers.

  • Minimize risk
    An independent service to monitor any data that can be used to target your organization. Minimize the risk by letting us keep track
  • Actionable Intelligence
    Every notification your receive from EdgeWatch will have actionable remediation steps to ensure fast and easy response to the detection risk.
  • Limit human error
    Our Attack Surface Monitoring service ensures no configuration errors are created openning your organization up for unwanted attacks

We monitor for the following attack vectors that can be used to target your organization:

  • Common Vulnerability or Exposure
  • Name server configurations
  • TSSL Configuration and hardening
  • Impersonating Domains
  • Expired SSL Certificates
  • Unwanted exposed ports
  • ‚ÄčLeaked Credentials on Darkweb
  • Exposed Data
  • Technical Credentials