Edgewatch Attack Surface Management Platform assists companies in discovering, monitoring, and analyzing devices accessible from the Internet.

Find your weaknesses, protect your edges

Edgewatch continuously scans public IP addresses to reveal a digital footprint, offering an external perspective of the online infrastructure.

What We Do

Edgewatch is an Attack Surface Management Platform that assists companies in
discovering, monitoring, and analyzing devices that are accessible from the Internet.

Exposure Insights

View a comprehensive summary of asset discovery including scans, organizational ASM/EASM/SET assessments, discovered assets, vulnerabilities, and data breaches.

Assets Analysis

Examine the impact on each asset with a detailed inventory, including ASN, IP blocks, and addresses. Mark false positives or archive, and assess the associated risks.

Breach intelligence

Access data breach information from open sources and the dark web, revealing affected users and internal users with compromised credentials.

Vulnerability Sorting

Contextualize findings to manage vulnerabilities effectively by categorizing assets like organizations, subsidiaries, domains, and more.

False Positive Filtering

Navigate through alerts efficiently by marking non-relevant findings as false positives or archive them for record-keeping.

Risk Evaluation

Analyze vulnerabilities and assess risks with precision to understand the security stance and prioritize responses.

Unlocking Proactive Security through External Attack Surface Management

Fortifying Cyber Defense

Edgewatch provides comprehensive visibility into an organization’s attack surface, enabling proactive identification and management of potential vulnerabilities. It helps to ensure that security measures are not just reactive but preemptively aligned with the threat landscape..

Comprehensive Visibility

Edgewatch offers a bird’s-eye view of an organization’s digital presence, pinpointing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

Proactive Protection

By identifying exposed assets and associated risks, Edgewatch allows businesses to take proactive steps in strengthening their security posture.

Dark Web Insights

Edgewatch delve into the depths of the internet, including the dark web, to uncover and alert organizations about compromised credentials and data breaches.

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Scratch Beyond the Surface

Discover a suite of advanced features designed for proactive discover, offering deep visibility, integrated intelligence, and a responsive security ecosystem to safeguard your digital frontier effectively.

  • Comprehensive Real-Time Monitoring
  • Automated Threat Intelligence Integration
  • Seamless Security Infrastructure Mapping
  • Advanced Predictive Risk Analysis
  • Customizable Alert Prioritization System
  • Expert-Led Incident Response Support

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Millions assets scanned weekly across the internet to expand your insights


IOC collected and analyzed weekly from thousands of fonts


IP addresses reported & analyzed each day to enrich our APT insight


API endpoints ready to be integrated within your processes