All company information and subscription preferences can be found in main account section:

Company.  Shows us the main data of the Company.

Plan. Shows your current your subscription, features and amazing upgrades ready to go.

Billing. Change your billing details.

Logs. Global user activity logs. Only be visible to Owner.

Users. List current users and their status.

-Disabled users. Within the users section, select the Disabled users tab to check all previous users.
Processing of this data is restricted and in Blocked status in order to keep all the user actions and logs. Full user deletion will remove all the actions and logs kept for this account. We recommend do not delete users until past legal prescriptions in your country, for purposes of criminal proceedings, where this data could be used as evidence.
Under the GDPR, you can only hold personal data for as long as you need it. One of the 7 principles of the GDPR is the principle of storage limitation, which is the idea that personal data should only be kept long enough for it to be processed for its stated purpose. Please configure your desired data retention periods on account options.

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