Our fully extensible API provides users with the ability to integrate EdgeWatch vulnerability intelligence into any GRC or
bug tracking system. Benefit from continuous vulnerability management and penetration testing, security visibility and
security intelligence.

Available API services

  1. EdgeWatch Platform API access.
  2. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).
    1. Indicators Of Compromise (IOC).
    2. Edgewatch Explorer API.
      1. The Internet status Dataset
      2. Threat Monitoring
      3. Dark Web Monitoring
  3. CVE API. Fast and Reliable service that enables you to lookup vulnerabilities by CVE ID or by keyword. Available both in English and Spanish.
  4. CPE dictionary API. Structured API with Common Platform Enumeration data.
  5. CVE fixes API. Comprehensive vulnerability dataset that is automatically collected and curated from Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).
  6. IP Blacklist API.
  7. CMSvuln API.
  8. Known Exploits API.
  9. Historical DNS API.
  10. Historical IP&ASN API.
  11. DNS Doctor API. Check your Name servers setup.
  12. SSL Doctor API. Check your TLS configuration and vulnerabilities.

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